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Dear Agony

Dear Agony:
1. Fade Away
2. I Will Not Bow
3. Crawl
4. Send Me A Sign
5. Hopeless
6. What Lies Beneath
7. Anthem Of the Angels
8. Lights Out
9. Dear Agony
10. Into the Nothing
11. Without You

Breaking Benjamin The Videos- Music Video DVD*
1. Polymorous
2. So Cold
3. Sooner Or Later
4. Diary of Jane
5. Breath
6. I Will Not Bow

*Apparently the DVD only comes with the CD sold at Best Buy.

The CD is amazing, I would upload it but my computer is too slow to try, sorry. It's only $9.99 at Best Buy and it's totally worth it. I had forgotten how much I loved this band until I started listening to the CD. I Will Not Bow is the first single, my prediction for the second is between: Dear Agony, What Lies Beneath, and Fade Away. All the songs are really good. My favorites so far are Fade Away and Dear Agony.

I can't wait for the tour, no dates have been announced but there's always a tour after a new album.

Making of and other videos can be found on the bands website:

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