Mirrorglassball (mirrorglassball) wrote in breakingben,

Chili Cook Off

Wohoo! My wife and I just got tickets to see Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace (and Jet) at the Chili Cook Off in Washington, DC!! She is a diehard Three Days Grace Fan and I love Breaking Benjamin! This will be my second Breaking Benjamin concert after seeing them with Theory of a Dead Man at the 9:30 a few years back. Wohoo!
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I'm going to that show too! ^__^ Just saw BB in Baltimore a couple weeks ago, but hey BB & 3 Days Grace! Hell yeah!
awesome! mind if I add ya?
Sure ^__^
haha i love george!
I started re-watching the show in DVD the other night...How I miss DLM! ^__^
yeah I had never even heard of it and my friend gave me season 1 (maybe the only season?) and was like "watch this youll like it"
i love callum blue. :)
Only 2 seasons. I actually started watching that show from the beginning...and they cancelled it after 2 seasons! *sigh*

Yeah, Mason...lol. Callum is in an episode of Grey's Anatomy, and he is in the new show The Tudors (I think it's on Sunday nights on Showtime).
yeah hes viper in greys anatomy :) the bike guy :)
and ive watched the first 3 epis of the tudors. its my new fav show.

but im a major nerd. so there ya go.
I guess I'm a nerd too. *lol*

they still dont have any dates farther west than freaking utah/colorado and thats too far north! and east!
wait i take everything back. they at least added vegas. so im hitting that one up. as soon as the tickets go on sale itll be confirmed :)